Coaching Program

The media coaching program is designed to help, guide, and mentor young students and professionals with aspirations of a career in media, or at the beginning of their careers. Sylvester and Peck offers the following programs...

Call to action

A 45 minute call (FB messenger, Facetime, or phone) to assess direction, opportunities, and path to success.

Roll the highlight film!

A comprehensive review of demo reel or work sample, with written critique and suggestions. Critique will cover overall style, appearance, delivery, speech, story order, element order, and edit suggestions.

Media Mentor

12 month coaching program to track progress and growth. Program consists of the following:

  • Call to Action each month (up to 1 hour each)

  • Roll the Highlight Film twice

  • Email access to your mentor anytime

  • Career path recommendation

  • Letter of Reference (upon completion)


A group setting of 25 or less

  • Six hour time frame (includes continental breakfast and lunch)

  • Guest speakers

  • Writing

  • Editing

  • Performance

  • Business of media

Game Experience

Get the sports play by play and color commentary demo you need. Opportunity to announce a local high school or college sporting event on tape. We’ll be with you from start to finish. Game preparation, charts, stand ups, and postgame show. A full critique and suggestions will be provided in follow up.

Contract Talk

Guidance and negotiation assistance with media contracts. Actual negotiation of contract also available through Sylvester & Peck Media.